Welcome to Flip Flop Fridays

Welcome to Flip Flop Fridays

Well, you found me, here with my flip-flops. My name is Shawn Phillips, and I am an Image Sculptor. An Image Sculptor helps brand and market businesses and individuals creating logos, websites, apparel, and bringing much more together to help market companies. But in the mix, I needed something for myself to help stand out in this day and time, so we have "Flip Flop Fridays." Created to be a video podcast on my front porch. Each week, video something for the week I worked on and share the story. I mentioned it to my good friend Christoph Millett (owner of New Vibe Productions, and now one of my sponsors); he said it was a bad idea that we needed to do better, BIGGER! That's where the original idea flowed, grew, and today we have FLIP FLOP FRIDAYS. A Video podcast to showcased fun and local business. Or anything I find fascinating that I want to share. I mean, it is my show! My life in a pair of flops.

Feel free to visit YouTube and check out a few episodes of Flip Flop Fridays, and subscribe to get notifications of new PHUNN coming from me, Shawn Phillips.

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